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We hope you faired well during that cold snap! Then a warm thaw and now it’s cold again with snow! Gotta love Southern Alberta weather, sure keeps you on your toes! It gave us a little bit of a break not having to work outside in the extreme cold, it gave us a chance to catch up on some computer work. It sure made us think about those ranchers feeding their cattle, giving them extra straw for bedding, chipping ice holes in frozen water troughs. Farmer’s keep their livestock warm and alive despite the weather or elements, happy and healthy animals produce healthy offspring. If you like food on your plate, thank a farmer or rancher for working 365 rain or shine.
As it warmed up we found ourselves at the Calgary RV Expo, it was our 6th trade show as a business and I think we are getting the hang of it. Booking the show, getting required insurance, setting up the booth the day before the event, walk and talk for four days and then take down the booth. Over the course of those four days we have the chance to talk to hundreds of people asking a lot of the same questions. We thought why not post a blog about our most frequently asked questions and maybe answer some of yours while we are at it!
We launched our business at the 2020 RV Expo in late January and little did we know how Covid would change our lives two months later. Over the next two years while everyone was wearing masks we were moving dirt, digging trenches, planting trees and more. It’s hard to believe looking back at photos how much time was spent on underground infrastructure, making something from scratch.
The first question is always “where are you located”?
Answer: We are located just 1 hour from South Calgary, 45 minutes East of High River, only 9 minutes from Lake McGregor and just 5 minutes from the incredible Village of Milo. You can visit our website locations page along with GPS info, along with links to Google and Apple maps.
GPS: 50°36’04.48” N 112°49’47.64” W
Street Address:
212031 Township Road 192
Question: Do you allow overnight stays? Weekends?
Answer: We are a “seasonal only” RV campground, we do not have a noisy party weekend section, how else could we brag about the peace and quiet our guests experience here? A guest can of course host a visitor because a guest is responsible for their visitor. We are well on our way in creating a premier camping community where guests can relax and retire in the prairies. 
Question: What do you offer for Security?
Answer: We value your privacy and security, it is why we are gated with a key pad and surrounded by a 8 foot high deer fence along with security cameras. How could we appreciate your privacy if we had a revolving door of weekend short stays coming through the gate? It is why we are the “Seasonal Only RV Campground” known for peace and quiet.
Question: What is your season?
Answer: A Stones Throw RV Campground season runs from May 1st till October 15th each year.
Question: Do you allow Decks or Sheds?
Answer: Sites at A Stones Throw RV Campground are very spacious and certainly allow for enough room to build a shed or deck. Your trailer should feel like a home away from home, just think about sitting on your deck watching the sunset on a gorgeous evening, it is well deserved.
Where are we located? When we get asked this question at a Trade show we are quick to point out a little map and then the County of Vulcan Map. People are always surprised we are so close to Calgary and Lethbridge!
Question: How big are your sites?
Answer: All sites at A Stones Throw RV Campground are 50 feet wide by 92 feet long or bigger. All sites are the same rate regardless of where they are located, first come first serve.
Question: Do you have an on-site Dump Station?
Answer: Because we do not have the party weekend crowds coming and going every weekend we felt a dump station on-site would not be well utilized however we do see a need for one. Rather than deal with red tape and engineering we chose to donate money to the Village of Milo to help facilitate the development of their own RV Dump Station. We hope this brings business in from Lake McGregor and surrounding area.
Question: What services do we have on-site?
Answer: We have metered power pedestals with 30 and 15 amp outlets. Metered so guests only pay for what they consume and not what everyone else consumes. We offer a weekly Potable Water Delivery and Pump-out Service available upon request.
Question: Do I have to pay extra for my pets?
Answer: There is no extra charge for having a dog or pet or two. The dogs will love our two off-leash dog parks! Cats love it out here too!
This winter we made homemade cinnamon buns in a cast iron skillet on top of our fireplace. Maybe a little crispier on the bottom but they turned out really well! Really nice smelling the smoke of the fire along with sweet cinnamon in the air!
Question: Do you have RV Size restrictions?
Answer: Sites at A Stones Throw RV Campground are all 50 feet wide by 92 feet long or bigger, the size of a city lot or bigger. We do not have any size restrictions.
Question: Do you offer tours of A Stones Throw RV Campground?
Answer: Yes we sure do! Please contact us through our website to book a day anytime to visit.
Question: Do you have flush toilets?
Answer: Yes we have very clean and spacious washhouses with flush toilets available at the North and South washhouses. 
Question: Do you have showers?
Answer: We are often complemented on how clean we keep our washhouse facilities. Instant hot water is provided to our Loonie Rain Shower stalls. 
Question: When are your rates going up?
Answer: No time soon! Our business model is based on “Accountability”, guests have access to everything and they only pay for what they use. Guests can use as much as they want and they can pay for it, not everyone else. A lot of campground go up in price every year trying to keep up with utility costs. We don’t want to surprise guests annually that their rates are going up, that is why power pedestals are metered.
Question: Do you have RV Age Restrictions?
Answer: As long as you take good care of your RV who are we to say you can not use it? We do not have five year or 10 year age restrictions here 🙂
We had our fifth Christmas since starting our development creating A Stones Throw RV Campground. Our family has grown so much since then, it has not been an easy journey, sometimes two steps forward one step back but we persevered, here we are stronger and happier than ever!
Question: Do you allow Golf Carts?
Answer: Yes absolutely, we are a large development and a golf cart can be convenient for getting around.
Question: Do we allow Quads, ATVs, Side by sides?
Answer: Unfortunately no, they can be too noisy and too fast for our quiet environment.
Question: What is the Fee for Guests or day visitors?
Answer: There is no fee for when your friends or family come to visit you. All visitors must first sign in at the Store/Office before entry and that is all.
We are very happy with our front gate, it’s a great start to our security and front curb appeal , we’re excited knowing what we have in store for future plans. We have come a long ways and just getting started!
Question: Do you allow Tents on our site?
Answer: Absolutely, our sites are so large you can easily accomodate a tent or two. There is no extra fee for tents on your site. We do ask that you confirm the location of the tent as we want to avoid tent pegs going into our underground irrigation lines.
Question: Do you have Off-Leash Dog Parks?
Answer: We are about as pet friendly as they come! We have one small and one huge off-leash dog park which are fully gated and fenced.
Question: Do you have Dog Breed Restrictions?
Answer: We believe in pet owners being responsible for their pets. We do not have any dog breed restrictions.
Question: Do you have a  laundry room available?
Answer: Guests have access to our complimentary laundry room available at the Store/Office Laundry Room.
Question: Are you going to get more questions to answer?
Answer: Yes! I sure hope so! I love chatting with people and see their eyes light up that they have found a solution to their woes. Hauling a big heavy trailer does not get easier with time, you only get to use it when you make reservations months in advance, gas is not getting any cheeper… Guests at A Stones Throw RV Campground arrive in their car with a packed cooler and can stay as long as they like.
Thanks again for taking the time to read our Blog about our campground development. We have learned a lot and have a lot yet to learn!
You Take Care! Chat Soon!
Happy Camping!

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