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Remember, we are only A Stones Throw away from home!

Hi! We are M&M Monner and C&C Monner and we are the four Monner’s who are developing A Stones Throw RV Campground.

Growing up on the family farm can be like growing up on a resort in many ways. Nothing but room to play and spread your wings. We are lucky to have a huge 10+ acre fishing pond where one can spend countless hours interacting with nature. Our farm has been home to Chickens, Turkeys, Goats, Sheep, Cows, European Wild Boars, a Horse and a Donkey! Our farm was a great place for kids to grow up but like all chicks in a nest they fly off… to the City?

Fast forward a few decades in the City we have our own little nest of chicks and we are so excited to be returning back to the farm hoping to make the wonders of nature and it’s magic available to you and your family.

In November of 2019 our family farm was approved to develop a family focused Seasonal RV Campground. Please visit our Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for updates on the development.

We break ground Spring 2020, follow us as we develop 180 sites that are 50 feet wide by 92 feet long! Eight family themed parks, Two Washhouses with Showers and Laundry, kilometers of Walking Trails around the 10+ acre Reservoir, 5+ acre Off Leash Dog Park, Community Garden, and so much more is under development.

Opening 2022!!!

Remember, we are only A Stones Throw away from home!

A Stones Throw RV Campground

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