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Colin Monner

What do you plan on eating tonight? Are there veggies that need to be cooked before they go bad? Has the meat been thawed? What can we cook that the kids will eat, or at least some of it? We have these questions ourselves almost every day and it isn’t easy when you add in “and make it healthy”… Meal planning has become essential in not allowing our grocery dollars go into the garbage but it is hard to not become too routine with the meals as well.

We like being in the kitchen, it’s fun trying new things. A lot of our cookbooks have been used from cover to cover. It forces us to try things we might not ordinarily try and we have had some big surprises! Full disclosure: I did not think that I would like zucchini noodles… I doubtfully followed the recipe and when it was all done and on the table all four of us ended up having seconds! That does not happen everyday! Zucchini noodles!?!?

Two of our favourite cookbooks that we love in our kitchen is the “Milo Cookbook – From the Past to the Present”, and “A little of this and some of that… How to cook like MOM” by the legendary Janetta Northcott, I can still remember eating her shortbread as a kid. Everyone in my family have these two books and they are most certainly our go-to cookbooks to grab for a good recipe.

Despite the meal planning sometimes it all gets thrown into the wind, sometimes a cold wintery day deserves an extra cozy warm meal that evening. One recipe that our kids request on a cold day can be found on page 45 in the Milo Cookbook. A easy one dish meal recipe that tastes even better the next day (I love leftovers) can be found below, we like it, the kids like it, no complaints 🙂

Cookbooks on our shelves become a bit of a diary. Notes on the weather, quality of fields, number of calves on the ground can all be found on the pages of our cookbooks on the farm.
In 2012 the Milo Cookbook was printed and our copy is well worn. I get a kick of out of the “This and That” section of the book, you will most certainly find something that you will like!
As parents we do our best to get the veggies into our kids tummies, they can have them cooked or eat them raw, one way or another they are not going to waste!
The Milo Community is creating a new cookbook and we can’t wait to see the new submissions from local families. No need to re-invent the wheel, I figure if it is a family favourite from the other side of the field it will most likely become a favourite in our home too!

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