Rules and Regulations

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A Stones Throw RV Campground Rules and Regulations

At “A Stones Throw RV Campground” (the Park), we foremost want safety and security for our guests. Our rules and regulations are offered specifically to ensure a safe, secure, and tranquil environment to allow for a relaxing and enjoyable time for all of our guests and their visitors.

We are a designated “911” area in case of a fire, medical or police emergency.
The physical address for “A Stones Throw RV Campground” is 212031 Township Road 192.

Guests and Visitors

  1. The term “Guest”, as used in the contract and these rules, includes: the party signing the contract and members of that Party’s nuclear family.
  2. “Nuclear Family” includes: grandparents, parents, and children, provided that these persons are registered with the Park. Sons, daughters, grandparents and grandchildren must be registered if they are in the Park.
  3. “Visitors” are persons who attend the Park to visit Guests.
  4. A Guest must register both day visitors (on foot and in vehicles) and overnight visitors at the Park Store/Office, and must pay the standard fees in accordance with set rates.
  5. Day visitors must leave the Park by 11:00 pm each day.
  6. Day and overnight guests are required to be registered at the main office.
  7. Hosts of guests are responsible for all quests and ensuring adherence to A Stone’s Throw RV Campground rules and regulations.
  8. No secondary units are allowed in the principal occupant sites.
  9. Visitor sites (Dry) are available for an additional fee for up to a max of 5 nights. To maintain our peaceful environment we do not allow the use of generators in guest sites or elsewhere in the park.
  10. No visitors are allowed to enter the Park or Reservoir after 11:00 pm.


  1. Parking Trailers – Management must assist in the initial parking of all trailers when brought onsite.
    • Maximize your living space
    • Ensure we have room for services around your trailer
  2. The Park reserves the right of reasonable access to sites, when necessary (e.g. Potable Water Delivery or Pump-Out Service).
  3. No second units allowed on standard or XL sites.
  4. At least one principal occupant must be present when the site is being used. All visitors and eligible family members must be registered prior to visit and sign our visitor consent waiver.
  5. A tent must be located within the perimeter of your site. Management is happy to help in determining the best locations for your added tent. Subsequent tents need to be approved by management.
    • When using tent pegs, please be mindful of the underground irrigation infrastructure to support the growth of our trees.
    • Tents on grass need to be moved every three days to prevent damage to the grass. For 2022 we respectfully ask our Guests to limit tents to their gravel sites to allow the new grasses to fully mature.
  6. Burying of electrical cords, hoses, or any other items is not permitted.
  7. Various pre-built deck and shed packages will be available for purchase. Any structures not purchased through the Park must be approved by Park Management before being erected.
    • All structures must be moveable and removed from site when the rental agreement is terminated; if not removed within 10 days from the end of the Guests contract the structure(s) become the property of the Park.
    • No fences and/or barriers are allowed (with exception of Dogs/Pets #40).
    • See management for options available.
  8. Tarp & Hammocks (hanging from trees) are not permitted. Clotheslines are not permitted on trees.
  9. No parking is allowed on the streets for the safety of our guests and to allow access for water delivery and pump-out services, and to facilitate emergency services. All cars must be parked within the gravel perimeter (no parking on grass) of your designated site or in the visitor parking spots provided throughout the Park.
  10. Quiet time hours are from 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    • Excessive noise at any time is not permitted. We ask our guests to be considerate, please keep the volume of music, voices, and other noise to a reasonable level that will not disturb other users of the Park. Rowdy behavior, excessive noise or swearing will not be tolerated. Interfering with anyone else’s use or enjoyment of the Park, day or night is contrary to Park rules. Violation will result in removal of the trailer from the site.
    • Vehicles are not to be driven throughout the Park after 11:00 pm.
  11. Trespassing on surrounding properties in any form by individuals or pets is strictly forbidden, please respect the “No Trespassing” signs posted along all property fence lines. Violators will be evicted.
  12. All persons under the age of 18 years must confine themselves to their parking site after 11:00 pm. When minors are staying overnight in the Park, Guest supervision is required.
    • Parents and guardians are responsible for the minors in their care and will be held accountable if their children fail to comply with any of the Park rules.
    • We recommend children under the age of 12 be supervised by an adult.
  13. Site holder is responsible for all damages incurred on their lot, including but not limited to, damage done to grass through spinning tires, or heavy tow vehicles, as well as damaged pedestals. This damage must be reported as soon as possible following the incident. The Park reserves the right to charge for any damages done to a site.
  14. No water balloons allowed within the Park – major choking hazard to birds and wildlife.
  15. Seasonal sites shall at all times be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

Washouses & Laundry

  1. Washouse and laundry facilities will be open from 7am-11pm.
  2. Washhouse shower facilities are coin operated for water conservation.
  3. Please do not leave items behind in washhouses & laundry room.
  4. Facilities will be cleaned regularly, however please have consideration of other guests and leave washhouses and laundry in the same clean condition as when you arrived.


  1. In addition to the recreational vehicle, only two passenger vehicles may be parked at the site at any time.
  2. Boats can be parked within the gravel areas of designated sites and are the responsibility of the owners. Developing a designated boat parking area is a future development consideration.

Respecting our Environment

  1. ZERO TOLERANCE FOR LITTERING OF ANY KIND – including Cigarette Butts and Candy Wrappers! What you carry it gets carried out.
  2. At the end of each season a site is required to be left in a clean and organized manner so that management can access the site for the annual maintenance.
  3. We ask that our quests respect the public areas so we can maintain a clean environment. Garbage & recycling receptacles will be provided throughout the Park. Animal, garbage, and cigarette litter is not tolerated.
  4. External generators are prohibited.
  5. No Firearms including pellet, BB and paintball guns, are prohibited.
  6. No chainsaws, fireworks, or hunting allowed in Park.
  7. Bicycles (traditional or electric) are allowed on roads and in the designated bike park area. Bicycles are NOT allowed around Coulee / Reservoir.
  8. Pouring waste water (Grey or Black) on open ground or in sump holes dug beneath trailers is prohibited.
  9. “Blue Boys” or portable waste water containers are not permitted. Pump Out & Potable water service is available upon request during scheduled days. The Village of Milo also has a dump station and potable water is available.


  1. The Coulee and Reservoir is on private land made available to the Park by the Monner Family. The area is a fragile natural grassland, as such no vehicles or bikes are permitted past the gate, only foot traffic please. Paths have been created for your convenience and to help protect the environment.
  2. Pets are not permitted as there is no deer fence around the reservoir to ensure neighbouring livestock are not affected.
  3. Private Reservoir access is limited to 7am – 10pm. Gates will be locked otherwise.
  4. Avoid excessive noise so that everyone can enjoy the peace and tranquility of our parks and the reservoir.
  5. Your safety is our highest priority, there are inherent risks involved in open water including steep banks, and steep watersedge. There are NO LIFEGUARDS ARE ON DUTY – THE WATERFRONT IS UNSUPERVISED, use at YOUR OWN RISK. All children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult when at the reservoir at all times.


  1. We are a catch and release environment however we allow for one fish per site per week that can be kept at no charge. An additional $5 per fish is payable to Store/Office to help support restocking fees.
  2. Barbless hooks only (Helps with the survival of the fish). We recommend limiting your line to 5lb Test line for a challenge.
  3. No boats of any kind are allowed on the reservoir until further infrastructure is established which is a part of our future development plans.


  1. Owners are solely responsible for any harm caused by dog(s) or pets while they are attending the Park.
  2. When outside the recreational vehicle, pets must be attended and leashed at all times. At no time may pets run loose in the Park unless within designated off-leash dog parks. Please note pets are prohibited in the private reservoir area as indicated by gated access signage.
  3. Leashes are not to exceed 2 metres (6 feet).
  4. We insist pets do not make excessive noise or disturb other guests. Noisy, unruly, or dangerous pets will not be permitted to remain in the Park. More than 2 complaints from other guests (and Management’s discretion) may result in guest pets not being allowed in the Park.
  5. Clean up after your pet at all times. Doggy poop bags are available at all garbage locations, please pick up after your pet. $50.00 will be charged for the first incident, the second incident will require the removal of your pet.
  6. On-site Kennels will not exceed 6’ x 10’.
  7. Pets must not be aggressive and owners must certify their dog(s) is trustworthy.
  8. Pets are not permitted in washrooms, the Store/Office, the Laundromat, or other buildings.
  9. All Guests are permitted a maximum of three pets(s) on their site, unless otherwise approved by management.


  1. Vehicle Speed Limit is 10 km/h as is posted and must be obeyed at all times for the safety and tranquility of all of our guests. Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Repeated violation will be deemed sufficient cause for the Park to deny any Guest the privilege of operating a motor vehicle within the Park.
  2. One electric golf cart per site is allowed.
  3. Motorized Mini-bikes, Skateboards, All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s), Utility Terrain Vehicles (UTV’s), Quads, Trikes, Argos, etc. are not permitted to be operated within the Park.
  4. UAV / Drones – Recreational use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) otherwise known as drones or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) are not allowed in the Park, Coulee & Reservoir.
  5. Remote-controlled/Radio-controlled/battery/gas-powered model cars or trucks are strictly prohibited on or around the Park property.


  1. Fires are permitted, provided that:
    • They are contained in fire pits provided or in a portable fire-safe container approved by management.
    • Care is taken to avoid scorching or otherwise damaging the grass and trees.
  2. Provincial fire regulations prohibit guests from storing gasoline anywhere in the park. This includes farm-type slip tanks.
  3. DO NOT MOVE the fire pit without management’s approval due to the safety of the site’s vegetation. NEVER retire for the evening or leave your site until the fire is out. All fires to be kept at a controllable level. Burning anything other than the government inspected firewood provided is prohibited including outside firewood, leaves, trash, scrap lumber, or pallets.
  4. NO OUTSIDE FIREWOOD, NO EXTERIOR WOOD of any kind is permitted in the Park. Trees and shrubs are NOT to be cut down or damaged. Firewood will be available for purchase at the store.
  5. When the fire hazard is extreme, fire bans may be implemented.

Why No Outside FIrewood You ask? Outside wood brings in invasive and destructive diseases, molds, and insect species that can affect any of the dozens of different species we have invested in planting within the Park. Maintaining and furthering this botanical Park is a fragile balancing act and we truly appreciate your understanding.


  1. In accordance with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Act:
  2. Consumption of liquor is permitted in registered campsites.
  3. Liquor is prohibited in public areas including on roads, trails, parks, walking paths, in washrooms, and shower buildings.
  4. Adult visitors may consume cannabis in their registered campsites, (including in RVs being used as a temporary residence in a registered campsite).
  5. Adult visitors may consume cannabis in public areas where tobacco is permitted.
  6. Cannabis is not allowed in motorized vehicles (i.e. cars, trucks, SUVs and vans).
  7. Tobacco and cannabis smoking and vaping are prohibited within 5 meters of playgrounds, sports or playing fields (e.g. Kids Bike Park).

Removal of Recreational Vehicle

  1. In the absence of notice to the contrary, the Park is entitled to assume that the removal of a Guests’ recreational vehicle amounts to an abandonment of the parking site and a termination of the contract by the Guest. If the Guest does not intend to terminate the contract, care should be taken to advise the Park of the Guest’s true intentions. Guests are not permitted to substitute one recreational vehicle for another without the prior written consent of the Park. Such consent, however, will not be unreasonably withheld.
  2. Guests who do not pay the fall deposit MUST remove their trailer by October 15th.
  3. Guests who are pulling out in the spring must have their trailer removed by April 1st. A late fee of $25.00 per day WILL be charged after these dates.


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