Remember, we are only A Stones Throw away from home!

Our goal for all amenities is to create an “All Inclusive Resort” experience at A Stones Throw RV Campground, where you can leave your wallet behind because you don’t have to spend a buck to do this or that… just Relax and Recharge!

A Stones Throw RV Campground Main Amenities Include: 
  • Store/Office
  • Free Laundry
  • 2 Heated Washhouses
  • Instant Hot Showers
  • Flush Toilets
  • 10 Green Spaces
  • Community Garden
  • 2 Off-Leash Dog Parks
  • Rainbow Trout Fishing
  • Floating Docks
  • Birdwatching
  • Horseshoes
  • Disc Golf
  • Kids Bike Park
  • Youth Playground
  • Log Jam Nature Play
Amenities Include:
  • Starry Nights & Lazy Days!
    “Lazy Days and Starry Nights” is A Stone’s Throw RV Campground motto for guests. Enjoy your relaxing days and in the evening be prepared to sit back and take in the magnificent night sky. With minimal external light,= the night sky opens up in ways many have never experienced. Be sure to bring your stargazing equipment, whether it be Binoculars or a Telescope. The night sky is truly magnificent for us out here in the prairies.
  • Green Space
    If there is one thing that A Stones Throw RV Campground is not short on, it is space. A Stones Throw RV Campground offers open areas, room to roam, grassy spots galore. Go for a walk and see where you want your next picnic spot to be.
  • Community Garden
    Do you have a Green Thumb? Do you notice different trees and bushes? You might be interested in having your own plot in our irrigated Community Garden!? All you have to do is pull the weeds 😉
  • 5+ Acre Off Leash Dog Park
    We love pets, they bring so much personality and love into our homes that we wanted to ensure they have a good time here too! We have dedicated over 5 acres of land to become a premier Off-Leash Dog Park for all of our furry friends. For their protection and yours, the entire property is fenced to keep deer out and our companions in. With so much blue sky and green grass we had to make an exception to our “On-Leash” policy for all pets to ensure the respect of all campers.
  • 10+ Acre Fishing Recreation
    A Stones Throw RV Campground is incredibly fortunate to be a few hundred feet away from a beautiful reservoir over 23 feet deep and more than 10 acres in size! We are fortunate to be work- ing with Smokey Lake Trout Farm to annually introduce Rainbow Trout. To help us clarify and aerate the water we are lucky to have discovered Koenders Water Solutions. If you have a pond, dugout, or any body or water near your home you need to talk with this company.
  • Birdwatching Nature Haven
    Under Development
    To truly escape the hustle and bustle, is to take a stroll through the Nature Preserve dedicated to quiet Birdwatching and walking. Learn about native birds and animals of the prairies, while walking though our designated natural grassland and waterfront.
  • Walking Paths
    Under Development
    A Stones Throw RV Campground is so fortunate to have access to such a large reservoir. To help maximize everyone’s enjoyment of the area we will be continuously working on informative walking paths around the water and Nature Haven. Walk and learn to identify plant species including their medicinal and traditional uses!
  • Firewood Delivery
    Purchased Bulk and Bags of wood can be delivered to your site at no additional cost.
Extra Amenities that set us apart:
  • Regular Outdoor Market
  • U-Pick Fresh Farm Eggs (first come first serve)
  • Pancake Breakfasts and Long Weekend Celebrations!

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