We’re Now Open to Happy Campers!

Colin Monner

We opened the doors to A Stones Throw RV Campground 10 days ago today on May the 1st, 2022. Over night we became a destination where families can go to make memories around a campfire. One after another twelve RV trailers rolled through the gates on our first day with more units arriving daily. Being a part of turning this wheat field into a campground over the last few years did not prepare me for what this place would look like with RV’s parked onsite. I gotta tell ya it looks pretty darn good!

Our first evening at A Stones Throw RV Campground, trailers are parked, fires are roaring and laughs can be heard among the bird chirps. This is the beginning of something truly special in Southern Alberta.

Tree Museum In Progress

A future guest of A Stones Throw RV Campground made us aware of a Joni Mitchell song tiled “Big Yellow Taxi” and in it she sings about putting all of the trees in a Tree Museum. As a huge music fan I was surprised by this. Did we steal this idea from Joni Mitchell??? No.

When we get the opportunity to give a tour I like to tell people about the evolution of our planting plans in what will some day become a Tree Museum, it certainly did not start out that way (as most things tend to go). In the beginning we wanted a “Free U-Pick” where future guests would have the excuse to venture throughout the campground in search of fruit and berries!! Thank goodness and very honest tree farmer whom we wanted to source trees from informed us of a grave mistake. When unpicked fruit falls it will get eaten, not by people but by mice, and those mice would love the mulch that we have provided for their new little homes.

Scratch the Free U-Pick idea, month of work down the drain, but was it??? Version 2.0 of our tree plan incorporated over 18,000 bare root lilac which corresponded with a blooming schedule throughout A Stones Throw RV Campground’s 9 parks. Before pulling the pin we thought as a group, “What do we really know? Sure we have a lot of house plants and sure we like to grow things in our garden but what do we really know??” All that I knew for sure was that I really liked lilacs!

We reached out to Jacquie Randle of Randle Handles Horticulture Ltd. because she knows our area and she has a great local reputation. Well thank goodness we got the chance to work together as Jacquie saved us from many costly mistakes! One big mistake would have been planting 18,000 bare root lilacs!!! They would need too much water to survive, too slow to grow, the list goes on.

Welcome to Version 3.0 where we took our U-Pick Plans along with our Lilac Plans and created what will mature into a Tree Museum. We have many years of future planting ahead of us but you have to start somewhere!? We have a lot of planting yet to do, we are starting with 52 different species divided into 9 green zones throughout the 50+ acres of A Stones Throw RV Campground. With the assistance of Randle Handles Horticulture we are so excited to start something that will be appreciated by generations yet to come. @RandleHandlesHorticultureLtd

Picnic Tables

Our market research showed most seasonal guests had their own patio or outdoor furniture and did not want a picnic table. We want to provide picnic tables for guests to use in the future, and some guests have expressed an interest in having one. We’re very pleased to provide our guests a vey well made picnic tables delivered to A Stones Throw RV Campground. Interested guests can contact Glori for email inquiries and e-transfers at gedalke@icloud.com.

AMA Insider @AlbertaMotorAssociation

We are very pleased being listed #3 on the Community Watch feature on High River in the latest AMA Insider Magazine! Immediately we had interested campers phone and come out for a tour. Our goal is to bring commerce to our incredible community by offering Farmers Markets and proving a Store/Office where rural entrepreneurs can showcase their work.

Page 54 in the latest AMA Insider Magazine you will find A Stones Throw RV Campground, Thank You AMA Motor Association!!

Pet Valu @petvalu

When our pets and kids have had a lot of exercise and full of fresh farm air they sleep better, and that allows mom and dad to max and relax a little longer in front of the campfire that evening. We have created two off-leash dog parks for our guests pets, one is for all dogs and one is for only small dogs with future plans of agility courses. We’re pleased to provide our guests doggy bags made available throughout the campground made available to us by the Pet Valu store in High River! Thank You!!

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