Homemade Site Signs

Colin Monner

Like almost everything at A Stones Throw RV Campground, we made our own site signs (which was no small task with 167 unique signs). Along with everything else we also took great consideration into what we were making, we even ensured the letters and numbers were as big as road signs to ensure legibility for guests and emergency services.


After many design concepts we liked the one that resembled a Tree with one of natures creatures under the leaves. Under the shade of the “A Park” tree guests will find a White-tailed Jackrabbit.

Each of our eight green parks (A-H) not only have their own varieties of trees and bushes, but their own unique site signs as well. Each of the parks have a corresponding animal, for example E Park has a grazing horse, maybe for Equestrian? Guests will discover Fox’s, Deer, Owls, Chickens and many more animals but wait, there is more!


Grazing under the trees of “E Park” guests will find a Milo Mustang, the mascot of the Milo Community School.


We hope our guests find themselves in a safe and relaxing environment, a place where kids can grow, learn and explore. Hidden throughout the campground we have created unique “Easter Eggs” as future scavenger hunts for the kids (and for the young at heart).


Did You Know: Within the 50+ acres of A Stones Throw RV Campground, hidden somewhere within the 8 foot high deer fence that surrounds the campground, there is only one… Moose. The first guest to discover this Marvellously Majestic Moose and tell us of it’s secret whereabouts, will receive A Stones Throw RV Campground Candy Surprise. Guests may behold this Sugary Sweet Chalice of Champions at the General Store & Office!


Step 1: Smash off stabilizer fins off of old oil sucker rods. Step 2: Cut old oil sucker rods to 36″ lengths. Step 3: Weld old oil sucker rod onto laser cut site signs.


A common compliment that we receive is how much thought and consideration we have put into everything at A Stones Throw RV Campground. Though we are brand new, we already have countless plans and events in store for our guests. One of our first idea’s was to create a chicken coop for guests with Free U-Pick Chicken Eggs,  just one of the many plans that we can not wait to turn into a reality.


A little hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and salt bath gave a nice even rust to the site signs. After much consideration we decided to not paint the site signs for multiple reasons. If we did paint them, each sign would need to be sand blasted (cha-ching) and then painted or powder coated (cha-ching) and we thought why not work with nature, allow these metal signs to evenly rust and skip the future maintenance of fresh paint 🙂
“F Park” received a beautiful buck under the tree, perhaps F stands for Fawn? Frolic? Fun? Family? Family Fun?!? 167 unique site signs adds up creating several pallets of site signs!

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