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Colin Monner

Hi! Welcome to another A Stones Throw RV Campground Blog updates!

We recently updated our website with new content and photos. When we write a website blog update we like to include some unique photos that you might not find on our social media platforms, and with these photos we like to add some “behind the scenes” captions to our photo memories, our personal pats on the back for getting another job done.

My Grandpa Monner once told my much younger self something when we were standing in front of his garage one day, a little antidote that has carried me through life, and certainly through the creation of this campground. He said “Don’t look at it as a bunch of work, it’s too hard to do all at once. Break it down into little jobs, get them done one at a time and all of a sudden the work is done.”

When we updated our website we were made aware of a very profound change to our content. It went from “are developing” to “have developed” and it’s amazing what a difference those two words mean! Looking back at photos over the last 5 years it brings up so many memories, so many little jobs have been accomplished, it’s unbelievable and easy to forget if it was not for the photos and videos to look back on.  I’m pleased to say “the development” is done, now we get to steadily improve and add to what we have made.

Someday we hope to share with you some of our personal photos and videos of our campground development. I came across a funny video of dad and I spray painting florescent orange paint onto survey stakes so that we could better see them hundreds of feet apart. We ended up surveying the entire campground three times before we felt we were ready for the next step. One step after another here we are! Are we stubborn? Maybe. Are we determined? No Question.

We are so excited to get our hands on a CSA approved playground for youth and toddlers. It is located in the middle of D Park with equal proximity to two buildings with flush toilets. Surrounded by rubber mats our playground is a fun and safe place for families to better enjoy the camping season.
Guests of A Stones Throw RV Campground have the opportunity to witness amazing sun rises and sun sets. When down at the water I often think of Monet and his paintings of his garden and lily pads, the colours of sun rises and sun sets bouncing off the water truly takes your breath away.
A guest shared this photo with us, the peace and quiet of our campground is a welcome getaway from work. You can hear the birds, some even say you can hear your own thoughts! Pets are at peace here, acres of fenced and gated dog parks help them to burn their energy so when they are back at their RV they are happy and content listening to the birds with you 🙂
We are well one our way in creating a camping community, guests are starting to get to know one another. We have not had a noise complaint yet, guests care about each other, respect each other. Guests of A Stones Throw RV Campground enjoy the peace and quiet of the prairies.
A guest sent us this photo, we are certainly not “Lake Country” in Southern Alberta which makes A Stones Throw RV Campground such a rare gem being a very short walking distance away from over 10 acres of water. You can’t see from one end to the other, it’s an expansive body of water situated down in the beginning of a coulee system. Guests enjoy paddle boards, canoes, and kayaks, fishing and swimming, maxing and relaxing in the natural waters of Ueland Reservoir.
Thank You for joining our family on our journey creating A Stones Throw RV Campground. Chat soon!!!

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