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Colin Monner


Welcome to another Blog update from A Stones Throw RV Campground. We are getting ready for our third season with several new guests joining us this year! It’s very exciting seeing things come together, we are well on our way in creating a quiet little camping community! We have attracted such wonderful people!

Last year we were lucky enough to attract a lovely couple who were very helpful keeping an eye on our new Store/Office and helping us clean washhouses. We felt that before we were ready to acquire help we needed to do everything ourselves, get an idea of what work was involved and where it was needed. Who are we to be telling someone what to do if we have not done it ourselves? Our first year was full of learning lessons and firsts. We planned on doing much the same our second year and boy were we ever lucky to have some help. Needless to say we have a lot of irons in the fire and it often draws us into different tasks.
This year we would like to make things official, we are indeed looking for a couple (or two) that would be interested in joining us in our venture. Why would anyone want to? Good Question!
Are you looking for peace and quiet? Would you like to be a part of our families adventure? Maybe you know someone who is the perfect fit?
We are looking for help cleaning washhouses and working in our Store/Office a few hours a day. In return we would like to offer a 50’ x 92’ level and gravelled site for the season including power, water and sewer services.

Sound intriguing? Have a bunch of questions? We hope you do! Feel free to contact us through our website Contact Us window. We would love to hear from you!


It is so nice having help. Over the last few years we’ve been very fortunate having friends and family come out to help us tackle projects, all of which have been big projects! Planting hundreds of trees, spreading semi-truck loads of mulch, tamping hundreds of fence posts, it’s so much work that we could not do alone. We absolutely love providing a farmer’s markets for our guests on long weekends, there is a lot to do and it is fun working with others who care and are equally excited about the work ahead. Last year we were so lucky to have the help that we got and really opened our eyes that we can sure use the help!


During a farmer’s market we like to offer complementary popcorn and ice cream to guests who are taking in the available veggies and goodies displayed on tables in front of our Store/Office. What we like the most is sense of community, it’s an opportunity to gather and get to know one another. We have grand goals of developing a community centre for our guests, we feel we need a place to gather. We’ve already got the water, power, and natural gas trenched to location so we don’t have to start digging things up and trenching again, thank goodness the trenching is over with! It won’t be built today or tomorrow, but it’s something we know we will enjoy in the future. Nothing is impossible, as in life it just may take some time and patience.


I have so many “nature” photos I thought I’d sneak one in here. Another place of gathering is our community garden, it’s a great example of our guests extending themselves and making friends. I noticed how guests keep an eye on other guests garden plots, they might throw some water on a thirsty plant or pull a few weeds. I don’t care what you can it, but when someone pulls your weeds that is caring. Caring is mutual respect and consideration, extending yourself. With our campground garden we are planting love 🙂


Going through life one day after another it is easy to forget that every day is truly a gift. It does not take long scrolling though photos on the phone to see how fast time has gone by. I miss my little baby girls, they have grown so fast and the older they get, the older I get, the more I find myself wanting to slow down and spend more time with them doing stuff, making things, have some fun. We work and work with a purpose, but it is easy to forget why we do what we do. We are learning to make time for the fun stuff too 🙂


Job Description Posting:

A Stones Throw RV Campground is now accepting applications for summer host positions.

Position: Campground Host
Experience: No Experience Required
Contract: Start & End Dates May1st to Oct 15 (flexible)

This position is suitable for mature retired couples. You must provide your own RV. You will have scheduled days off per week for your personal commitments. You must have the physical ability to walk on uneven surfaces, plus bend, lift and carry 30 lbs. Applicants must have a positive and happy disposition, and love working in the outdoors.

Campground Attendant Duties may include (depending on the scheduled shift):

Main Duties are:

• Attending and Running the Store/Office
• Washroom Maintenance

General Duties are:

• Campground Clean-up / Maintenance
• Park Maintenance / Mowing
• Assistance with Pump-Truck (Tuesday/Wednesday)
• Dog Park Maintenance
• Park Supervision
• Camper Registrations / Check-ins / Check-outs
• Campground Compliance – Answering Guest Questions, Informing Guests of Park Regulations
• Must have good interpersonal skills


Campground Host positions include a designated campsite including power, sewer, water, and complementary laundry facility.

A Valid class 5 Driver’s License is required, and you must pass a RCMP Criminal Record. Fees for RCMP checks are reimbursed providing you fulfill your contract to the end of the term.

To Apply:

Email your resume along with references to info@astonesthrowrv.ca

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