Pumpkin Harvest Time!

Colin Monner

Hello and Welcome to A Stones Throw RV Campground Blog!

Our last Blog update was waaaaay back in July. Since last chatting we have grown in every way including over double the number of RV’s that are parked here! They say “Build it and they will come” and it’s becoming a reality! We recently posted on our Facebook Page @astonesthrowrv and we’ve had a tour every day since, even sold a few more sites! Even our accounts on Instagram #astonesthrowrv, LinkedIN and TikTok @astonesthrowrv have all seen a rise in interest the moment we take the time to sit down and type, and maybe add a photo or two 😉

Community Garden Harvest

Since our last blog our Community Garden has grown in every way. We did experience some hick-ups with our irrigation system but we’re confident working with Southern Irrigation in Lethbridge. They will help us figure things out for next year as they are a fantastic company to work with. Please visit our TikTok account for a new video of our garden!
It was truly amazing the amount of food that was grown this summer! Lots of potatoes and zucchini, tomatoes, squashes, melons, flowers and herbs. It was neat hearing from guests who enjoyed coming out to the campground with just a bit of meat for dinner because all of the veggies needed were out in the garden. How nice is that!?
We are very fortunate to have a guest who is a professional drone pilot at A Stones Throw RV Campground! It was a real treat getting to see a birds eye view of our Community Garden!
When we give the kids carrots that be bought at the store it’s 50/50 if they get eaten, they are usually fairly tasteless, crunchy but tasteless. Carrots that we pull out of the garden at A Stones Throw RV Campground just need to be put into a bowl and they disappear! They are so crunchy and full of flavour it’s not hard getting some goodness into those tummies.
We would like to give a big thank you to Mrs. Cockwill for the lovely deciduous mulch that we lined our pathways with in the community garden. It helped to keep down the weeds and defined the garden plots and pathways. We wanted deciduous so that it will eventually break down and give nutrients to the soil.

A Good Excuse to Have Fun

We get excited about long weekends at A Stones Throw RV Campground. It means we get to anticipate a Farmer’s Market, Ice Cream, Popcorn and more for our guests. Last year we were lucky to attract the Cluny Colony who brought out bread, buns, veggies and more each long weekend. We got to know Garry and Ruth and they really did a great job however all good things must come to an end, they are getting out of the markets to become garlic producers!
This year we were lucky to discover the Mialta Colony near Vulcan and they did not disappoint! John was a real pleasure to work with and boy did they ever bring a lot of stuff! Each long weekend John and some lovely ladies filled tables with a wide array of fruits, veggies, canned goods, baking and more. The best were the yellow watermelons, very sweet!!! We sure look forward to seeing them next year and as we grow in size we hope to entertain a weekly market for our guests.
A tradition has developed here on the campground. On long weekends we treat everyone to ice cream and popcorn. This years ice cream was purchased from Foothills Creamery and you can sure taste the difference! We have all enjoyed Turtle Mountain, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Saskatoon Pie, Salted Chocolate Caramel, Caramel Toffee Swirl to name a few and I still don’t know which one was my favourite?
The quality and variety of goods from the Mialta Colony was incredible!
Fresh baked goods, canned goods, veggies and more! If you get the chance to try a yellow watermelon do it, twice as sweet!
Along with popcorn and ice cream we like to flex our creative muscles every once in a while. This years Rock Painting Table was a big hit for those young and young at heart!


We are lucky having so many talented guests at A Stones Throw Rv Campground! We do not charge a percentage or commission, if you have a table and some talent we are happy to make some room for you. By the end of our market most tables are empty!
Canada Day was greeted with beautiful weather and treats!
Call us crazy but we love our arts and crafts. We were excited to open our Store/Office to the Milo Art Society and very pleased to discover how many talented guests are in our campground! It was nice to see so many tables at our Farmer’s Markets with guests selling their knitting, crafts and even some salsa! If you are looking for incredible charcuterie boards look no further! Our campground guests, Milo, and surrounding area is full of incredible talent that we hope to shed some light on.

Pounding the Heritage into Heritage Day

Leading into our Heritage Day Long Weekend we felt it was suiting to host The Forge Co. to come out to A Stones Throw RV Campground and offer some blacksmith classes to our guests. A morning and afternoon class was held and we can’t say enough about the experience. It was very safe, vey informative and interesting! Guests and staff all participated in taking a steel rod and with some intense heat and little pounding and twisting we produced our very own fire pokers!
We hope to host The Forge Co. again next year as there are a lot of neat things a camper could make out of steel! If you’re interested in a corporate event or group activity we are happy to suggest The Forge Co. Visit their website at www.theforgeco.ca for more information.
The Forge Co. did a fantastic job teaching guests how to make a fire poker! One class even had three generations all pounding steel at the same time, we are making memories everyday 🙂
Guests at A Stones Throw RV Campground keep busy and active with regular events and amenities. Everyday guests demonstrate that age is a matter of feeling, not years.
Thanks to the Milo Lions Club we added some tents to our August Long Pancake Breakfast, the weather was perfect.

It’s a Matter of Opinion

We love to give tours of our campground. We tend to chat with person for a while. Over the years we’ve gotten to chat with a lot of people, and some of those people like what we have to say and they have put down some roots here. One could say we get to know people and enjoy having a good laugh. At A Stones Throw RV Campground we like to chat with guests as though they are family. We are happy to lend a hand if we can and are always available to talk.
We’ve been very touched by the kind words we have received on Google Reviews from guests over the last two years. We feel it’s a bit of reassurance that we are onto the right path. We are receptive to peoples thoughts and idea’s and as a new business that gives us flexibility. We have given an awful lot of consideration into everything and yet you maybe surprised by how many changes we have made to better accommodate guests’ needs. Not to sound like push-overs but we don’t know it all. It helps to have your eyes and ears open.
We put our heart and soul into everything we do, sometimes it is the little things that can make the biggest impact 🙂
Here is a QR link to our TikTok account to see our Community Garden Video!

Site Signs

Our site signs offer an example of how much we do not know… A lot of thought went into our site signs. With the heritage theme in mind we thought they would look good being rusted a weathered out in the prairies. That’s what we thought, seemed smart.
Within a few months of being open last year we noticed that some site signs had been painted. I will admit that we were a little perturbed at first. Some guests asked if they could paint their site signs and we said no thinking we might be opening up pandoras box. I guess we figured if a guest changes sites their site sign stays on that site, thus it should be viewed as “campground infrastructure” and not individualized.


E Park boasts a grazing horse on its Site Signs, hidden somewhere in E Park site signs a guest might discover one lone horseshoe.
C Park site signs display a goose with flared wings, I wonder which site sign guests will find its mate on?
The production of our site signs was not easy. First we designed and designed finally creating something that we wanted to replicate. We then made 167 unique signs with different animals and had them laser cut. After cutting sucker rod to length (see our Instagram video) we then created a jig to help weld each one straight. Notice the pallet lined with signs in the background and that is about half done! Every once in a while Grandpa might be treated to a Barley Pop and Cookie from one of his grand-girls visiting him in the garage 🙂
Like everything we hummed and hawed, nothing is simple. This year we noticed more painted site signs, some red, some black, even a few orange ones and it got us thinking. So now we call it “site pride”, taking care of and beautifying your site, your home away from home. We al come from different backgrounds and experiences and our guests are no exception. We love the arts and doing our best to promote the incredible artists that call the prairies home. Why not show pride in your site, by expressing your creative flair by painting your site sign?
Next year will be our third year of being open to campers and we’re excited to announce, if you want to paint your sign you go ahead and flex that creative muscle! Our only request is that the site number and letters are clearly visible for emergency services. 
Fun Fact: Did you know there are 13 mystery animals/images hidden within the 167 site signs? Each park has its own animal, but there are 13 unique items also hidden in the signs throughout the campground. Perhaps a scavenger hunt some day!?!
The first animal chosen for A Park was a little rabbit. My wife Cindy has always considered the rabbit as a bit of a spirt animal, they usually bring her good vibes. We put a lot of heart and soul into everything we do at A Stones Throw RV Campground, we are a family business that cares 🙂
That’s all folks, thanks for reading and all of your support!
Until next time, Happy Camping!

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