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If you are reading this you may have expressed interest in updates about A Stones Throw RV Campground. Some of you have been following our progress since our launch at the 2020 RV Expo. Our newsletter list has grown to over 1,000 people since the RV Expo… Crazy!  As we get closer to Opening this May 2022 we are transitioning our efforts from our Newsletter into this Blog. The reason being we can offer more regular updates, reduce technical issues, and save you one more email in your inbox. This will be our last developmental email Update Newsletter, please keep an eye on our website Blog as our goal is to add an update at least every two weeks. It’s good to have goals!


We surveyed a wheat field in October 2019, but we had not yet moved any dirt, our presence at the 2020 RV Expo was to conduct market research, ask prospective guests what they valued. We met so many nice people who were so interested in our campground development, some even placed a Red Dot on the map for first right of refusal on their chosen site. Some of those same people have given us deposits to secure their site for the 2022 camping season!!! As we get closer to opening the interest in our campground has been immense!

Needless to say a lot has happened over the last two years, it’s hard to believe we started out with a wheat field when you see how we have transformed the landscape into 167 huge campsites. We now have a website www.astonesthrowrv.ca and very impressed with our web developer Straight-up Digital. We have grown from a basic site to a roaring Google machine including a Blog!

We have been busy, busy bees and we appreciate your interest in our family farms venture in developing A Stones Throw RV Campground, a premier seasonal RV campground in Southern Alberta. Needless to say we have been getting the most of our fleeting daylight and getting as much done as we can before the snow blows…

We’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and I’ve been wanting to write an update for sometime, this iron is hot! We thought it would be fun to go over with you what we’ve accomplished since our last update, let you know what we have to do over the winter months and what we have left to do in the spring before opening this May 2022 

So ya know….Around this time in the Newsletter Update guests like to use the washroom, top up their beverage, maybe pop some popcorn and get ready for the list of To-Do’s that we’ve checked off of the list! Drum Roll Please!

We have been meeting a lot of happy campers eager to secure a brand new site for the May 2022 camping season! We are hosting a tour of the campground almost every other day now! A Deposit Guarantees you a site for the 2022 camping season, you are not locked into your location. If you would like to try a different location that does not have a deposit on it, you are welcome to try it out! With 9 unique green spaces we anticipate guests will want to try out different areas of A Stones Throw RV Campground. 

When we launched our A Stones Throw RV Campground development at the Calgary 2020 RV Expo we received a lot of feedback from our survey / questionnaire. “Security and Privacy” were two key elements that we learned were important to future guests and hence we have removed the Red Dots from our map. You may find an old map online with First Right of Refusal Red Dots and that is OK, however current maps are generic and do not illustrate which sites are occupied and which ones are not. We are doing our best to respect peoples thoughts and considerations 🙂

The fence posts are tamped and wire is strung and nailed! The deer had been eating a lot of our newly planted trees and bushes, but that is now in the past. The next project will entail gates for the dog parks, coulee / reservoir water access, as well as future home of the Mini-Farm near the Community Garden.

Our survey at the 2020 Calgary RV Expo clearly told us the “Security and Privacy” were very important to our future guests. We were excited to see peoples expressions of interest by placing a red dot not the map. When we became available for deposits in June we cleared the map of all dots so that we are not advertising what sites are occupied and which ones are not. 
We have a very long To-Do check list and it is satisfying to scratch off line after line. We’ve accomplished a lot over the last few months and thought we’d give you a list of what we have checked off the To-Do List 🙂

– Gravel is tamped and level in all three buildings, plastic and rebar – done
– Fox Construction has done a great job with the concrete – done
– Fox Construction has framed the walls – done
– R&G Plumbing and Gas Fitting is near done interior plumbing
– Holdings Tanks are in Place and tied into the buildings – done
– We have 3-Phase Power, Fortis is done and we have poles! – done
– Braunwarth Electric @braunwarthelectric is done with Pedestals and Transformers! So close to being done!
– Dog Park Posts are in place thanks to Karson Mix of Vulcan, he did a really great job – done
– Half of the drip irrigation system is trenched and buried, only half to go in the spring!
– Gravel base around all three buildings – done
– Furnaces are being installed as we speak into all three buildings – almost done!
– Mulch has been delivered and now getting placed to sites – half done!
– Main road access to the campground has been approved – done
– Primary Emergency Overflow System extended – done
– Secondary Emergency Overflow System – done
– And the list goes on and on but we hope this gives you an idea of our hard work and due diligence!

When the sun is shinning, you make hay. This saying is so true, we have been getting up in the dark and retiring back to the farm house in the late evening – 7 days a week. We truly make the most of our daylight. With the winter season comes darker days and like it or not, we did what we could before the snow blew. 
The snow pretty much puts a halt to using the equipment and playing in the dirt. This does not mean we can max and relax, it means we now transition into To-Do indoor garage projects. What are we up to?? Glad you asked!

Last winter we completed making the fire pits for A Stones Throw RV Campground. This was no small task but we got it done and I think we did a pretty good job too! After that we started on making park benches and that turned out to be no small task either! We got half done before the snow melted and thus they have been sitting half done all summer waiting for the snow to fall so we can complete them. 

Site signs have been designed and created, next step is to weld them onto cut pieces of sucker rod and give them a paint. We’re pretty pleased with them and will make a future post about them in the near future. 

A Stones Throw RV Campground has an extensive irrigation system for grass, perennials, trees and bushes. Guests are not expected to water trees or mow the lawn. Water for this irrigation system is drawn from the reservoir by two pumps. These pumps need to be housed along with filters and pressure tanks. All of this equipment will be housed in a portable pump house that is already under construction.

To add some variety to the day we will also be creating some gates for the coulee reservoir access, future Mini-Farm and off-leash dog parks.

Thank You for your time and interest in our family’s adventure!

Take Care!

Call or Text: 403-669-9443 or 403-650-0833
Visit our website at AStonesThrowRV.ca
Have a great day!

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