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Hello and Welcome to another Blog update from A Stones Throw RV Campground! We have been busy in so many ways I’m not sure where to start!?! We’ve had three very successful Open Houses where we got to meet so many nice campers with great questions and suggestions, all of which we take into consideration as we have learned this process is not necessarily a straight line. We’ve made a lot of changes along the way and have taken into account many considerations, it helps getting thoughts from people like you!

Since our launch at the 2020 Calgary RV Expo we have had a growing list of people who wanted to be on our Newsletter List as well as people who have chosen a site and placed a Red Dot on the map. Now that we are into September we have gone ahead as communicated and removed all first right of refusal dots off of the map. Anyone with a Red Dot has been notified that the deadline was September 1st. If you have a Red Dot on the map and want to secure that location with a $500 deposit please contact us right way as we are getting more and groups considering a change. Moving forward any remaining Red Dots on the map means that that site is secured with a deposit for Opening Season May 2022!

You are welcome to book a Tour and come out to see the lay of the land! Though we are almost always here kicking the dirt in one way or another we do ask for guests to contact us for a tour, we get daily visitors and it helps us to have an idea how many guests are coming each day 🙂 We’ve had fantastic feedback from experienced campers who love our vision and attention to detail. People can’t get over how large our reservoir is and the future plans we have in store for guests but as I like to say, first thing first, we have to get this place open! Contact us through our website, email us at or call/text us at 403-650-0833.

Our development is right on track in many ways including several big items such as the washhouses, electrical, deer fence, planting trees and roads! I’ll start with the washhouses and work down the list as there is much to say about everything! We have so many irons in the fire but the great team that we have and the variety of backgrounds in experience is really making it all happen. To call it a family venture is no understatement with all aspects of in-laws, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, friends from far and near have all been providing a tremendous help and we can’t say thank you enough.

We have three incredible buildings build by Reduma Building Ltd. @RemudaBuilding, I can’t say enough about that crew. The buildings are up we now we have water, electrical, and natural gas services trenched into the three buildings. R&G Plumbing and Gas Fitting out of Vulcan is our chosen plumber and they are doing a fantastic job being very proactive in all aspects of the process to ensure our guests enjoy a hassle free environment. Their job will be completed this week and then we get to tamp 5” of gravel and reinforce the concrete with rebar. Easy Peezy!

Since we started down this path in late 2019 we have needed to use a variety of different tools and unique equipment needed to efficiently keep this development on track. We’d like to give HRR Rentals in High River a shout out, they have always delivered and been true to their word. If you need the right tool for the job but don’t want to invest in buying something, consider renting what ya need from these guys, their staff is more knowledgable about getting the job done right than your Average Joe for sure!

Braunwarth Electric @braunwarthelecttric from Okotoks has proven themselves time and time again with their due-dilegence and hard work. We couldn’t be happier with our chosen electrician, the pedestals are all in and boy do they look sharp! We are happy to use Canadian manufacturer Valid Manufacturing Ltd. @validmanufacturing as our chosen provider of pedestals and kiosks. Seeing our green pedestals out in the development really makes this place look like a campground! Ya gotta come on by!

Fortis is our electrical provider out here in the County of Vulcan and they arrive this week to begin their project of bringing 3-phase power into A Stones Throw RV Campground development. It’s very momentous as it’s been in the works for well over a year and a half, the pieces are all falling together! So exciting!!!

When we started down this road we asked ourselves, “what if our neighbours developed a campground”? How would we feel about that? Our initial concerns laid the foundation of what our campground was going to be like. Focusing on a sense of community and getting away from the weekend in and out rush was a good start. One concern that we would have was the potential stress on our livestock, how could we assure our neighbours of 5 generations that their cattle and horses would be left alone? We thought about it and decided to build a 8’ deer fence around the campground to help assure our neighbours that kids or dogs will not have the opportunity to run out into the coulee pasture next door.

The deer fence doubles as a way to keep the many herds of deer out of the campground and away from the temptation to eat the glorious salad bar that we are planting! They have already been helping themselves and it certainly helps us to maintain our pace of getting this fence up sooner than later. The reason it is 8’ and not 6’ is to take into account the winter snow drifts. A few feet of snow can make a jump over the fence a lot easier and since we are offering winter storage for our guests we figured a few extra feet could not hurt for security as well 🙂

Whenever we get the chance we love to give Jacquie of Randle Handles Horticulture Ltd. @RandleHandlesHorticultureLtd a shout out. She is such a pleasure to work with and her whole team is excited about our development. With eight uniquely treed zones, over 50 species to start with and over 700 holes drilled for plants we have grand plans for the “Botanical Nature” of our campground. Over 200 Colorado Spruce have been planted (if you’re looking for quality trees that will survive in our zone consider Alta West Tree Movers) along with 150 other trees and bushes already planted visitors are seeing how our vision is coming together.

I like to think that your RV could be that “cabin on the lake” without the maintenance of a second residence. If there is mowing to be done, we do the mowing. We don’t want 167 wee mowers buzzing away, and why fill your storage shed with a mower like back at home??? We can’t call it maintenance free but we can assure you that if the trees or bushes need a watering our drip irrigation system designed by Southern Irrigation @SouthernIrrigationCanada out of Lethbridge will do the job just fine. With all of the trenching on the roads for deep services done we can now trench along the ditches installing a 1” and .75” water line which will feed every tree and bush that we plant now and in the future.

Before this turns into a novel we wanted to say thank you again for your interest and kind words. Make the most of this Fall weather and stay safe everyone! Happy Camping!

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