RV Campground 2021 Progress Report

Colin Monner

Hello! Welcome to our first 2021 A Stones Throw RV Campground Blog Post! Thank You for taking time to follow our family’s campground development.

We had a lovey holiday break and hope you did too! We have received so many calls, texts, and email inquiries since the New Year with several new Red Dots adorning our Site Map! Again thank you for your interest, it’s so motivating for all of us here on the farm to hear from you and reassure us that we are not crazy!

So ya know, one of the items that we are currently working on is our Rules and Regulations for the campground. With that checked off the list we are happy to say we will have everything in order to accept deposits on chosen site locations! People who currently have First Right of Refusal on a chosen site location rejoice! We’ll soon be able to make it official 🙂

The upcoming year and what we have in store involves a lot. Over 17 kilometres of drip line to sustain thousands of trees that we will be planting. Lilacs are mainly used to create privacy between and behind sites. Trees and shrubs border the front and back of the sites. We admit it takes time for things to grow but with mulch, love, and a water drip line we know how quickly things can green up.

Recently in December we emailed our Newsletter. Here is a snippet 🙂

“As an example of listening to people, a lady on Facebook had inquired why we were creating one large off leash dog park? Maybe we could consider a smaller dog park for smaller dogs? Apparently little dogs don’t like being chew toys and might like a safe environment, a place where they too to can be the king on the mountain. Just like the genie in Aladdin we nodded our heads and POOF we made a ‘smaller’ off-leash dog park for ‘smaller’ dogs. Needless to say ya don’t know what ya don’t know so… let us know what is important to you, and we can take these things into consideration as we develop a brand new nature forward RV campground!

Fun Fact: We had some mixed up clay and top soil from the edges of the roads, so what do ya do with it?? Well you make two huge hills for the two off-leash dog parks so they can each have a king on the mountain! We hope to include a hydrant to pee on naturally 🙂 After we are open, one of our ‘future goals’ is to create an agility circuit within the two dog parks and give our furry friends some extra fun.

This winter we get to cut vent holes in 180 fire pits… With decent weather we may even get the corner posts in place for the deer fence which would be great to have done before the spring. We are eager to get the fence up and keep the deer out of the campground as they would love the salad bar we will be planting this spring!!! It also assures our neighbours that kids and dogs will not be able to chase cattle in the neighbouring pasture land.”

Thank You again for showing an interest in A Stones Throw RV Campground!

Happy Camping Everyone,
A Stones Throw RV Campground

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