Latest Update – July 2021


Spring has Sprung and we are well into our development! We hope everyone has enjoyed the blooming tulips, iris’s, lilacs, poppies and more! We at A Stones Throw RV Campground have been very busy moving the last of the clay and top soil. With that nearly done we are now seeding a mixture of 5 different grasses to nearly 50 acres of development. Fun Fact: We are now growing Rosemary and Sage as we discovered when added to a campfire… no more bugs! Plus is smells like someone is cooking up some fancy meatballs.

We are now accepting deposits to secure site locations for the 2022 Camping Season! We wanted to be open some time ago but with the last Alberta COVID lock-down we thought we would hold off… During the lockdown our electrical installation of pedestals started which means new trenches have been dug creating a safety concern for visiting guests. We hope you will want to come out for a visit!

Two of the nearly 50 chosen trees species have arrived and are now planted! 208 Blue and Green Colorado Sprue along with a few beautiful White Spruce arrived in 36” baskets. We cut the basket and burlap off leaving only three handles, pruned the bottom branches that would be covered up by mulch, and tamped each tree into place within a 42” hole. It was no small task to say the least, and the impact on the development has been dramatic. Seeing so many green trees surrounded by fresh cedar mulch throughout the campground is wonderful. Two more semi-loads of mulch have arrived, the whole place smells like fresh cedar, its almost dreamy 🙂

We would like to send a big shout out to Alta West Tree Movers for our first load of trees! Visit their website at to have trees big and small delivered to your door. Jacquie Randle of Randle Handles Horticulture has been an invaluable addition to our team, should you have any questions visit for more information, she is really fun to work with!

We love our birds and have plans for future development of our Nature Haven including a greater variety of trees, berries, viewing blinds and more. Without counting waterfowl we have listed over 30 species that call our farm home. For example back from a holiday is our Ferruginous Hawk who was still very white, at first I thought I was seeing a Snowy Owl! Last year this hawk would soar high above leaving it’s shadow tracing across the land, sometimes right over head. It’s a neat feeling looking down to the ground and I swear you can almost feel it’s shadow cross your path. We’re really pleased to see this huge bird come back to the farm.

We want to give a shout out to the prairie race of Horned Lark which accompanies us each day checking out the fresh soil. They seem fearless hanging out so close to the moving equipment. Their little horns give them so much character!

In another post we will pay tribute to the wide variety of waterfowl that call this area home including Trumpeter Swans and Pelicans. The abundance of waterfowl encourages our goal of creating a Nature Haven people who enjoy birds song and colour. On the most SouthEast area of the Coulee we at A Stones Throw RV Campground intend on introducing specific trees and shrubs to help our feathered friends feel at home. Eventually we intend on introducing “blinds” where guests can sit and watch birds through the hole of a giant sized birdhouse. So many plans, but one thing at a time, first we need to get this place developed!

Thank you again or your interest in our family farm creating a nature loving, heritage inspired, Seasonal RV Campground in Southern Alberta!

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