It Keeps Getting Better!

Colin Monner

As a green thumb I have relished the opportunity to add some different greenery to the wheat field that our family is developing A Stones Throw RV Campground out of. I know it does not sound like a typical campground when referring to a “wheat field” … and that is about to change in a big way this year.

After months of visiting tree farms and creating a “master plan” of what was going to get planted where, I had a fairly humbling experience watching someone take a weed whacker to the said master plan. To be totally honest I was more pleased than disappointed because I knew it was all for the best. It’s a major investment and we want to be sure it will work!

It has been so fun and rewarding working with Jacquie of Randle Handles Horticulture! The posted image shows the evolving plans over the last year and yes they are blurred on purpose (gotta keep some surprises) but I wanted to show you the lengths we are taking to not just green our campground, but make it a nature-rich experience.

What we’re doing has been referred to as “botanical” and I’m really proud of that. In fact I just learned a new term through our last visit with Randle Handles, “Arboretum”. It’s a great way to describe what we get to create through our campground development, with nearly 50 different species of trees and shrubs planned with many future plans in store.

We are currently 50% reserved with First Right of Refusal, opening May 2022. If you are interested in putting down some roots and want to make some memories within the convenience of a seasonal campground just 45 minutes east of High River, you’re welcome to visit our website at for more info.

Take Care everyone!

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