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A Stones Throw RV Campground

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Where did August go? September? Dare I ask where October went?!?! And then November disappeared! It’s been too long since we sat down and updated our Blog. Despite the cold we are as busy today as when we opened, since we last spoke over a dozen more RV trailers have put down some roots here and even more deposits on reserving sites for next year! We are consistently complimented on the peace and quiet our guests get to experience within our campground. Here you can listen to a breeze in the grass or the birds singing. Its a place where guests get away from their work and the noise of the city.

With RV sites nearly as big as a city lot, there is lots of room for your RV, decks and sheds, guests now have a home away from home. I was very tickled when a guest said we are “giving camper’s the Acreage Lifestyle in the Prairies” with all of the room and rolling hills. That comment really struck home, a perspective that I dearly appreciated because it is so true! I’ve personally lived a little over 20 years in the city and 20 years on the farm, I like to think I’ve seen an equal amount of two lifestyles and I’m sorry to say I don’t miss the traffic or hustle and bustle of the city.

Commuting to downtown Calgary from Auburn Bay was never a pleasant drive for me, such a mass of people trying to get themselves through another day, in a rush… When in a rush there seems to be a lack of consideration for others, maybe a self-survival thing trying to get ahead or keep up. For over 3 years we’ve been working on developing A Stones Throw RV Campground so that you can get away from that sense of “rush”. Despite how busy we are or how focused we work towards our goals, there is such a sense of peace and community out here that I didn’t know I was missing for so long.

Just one hour from South Calgary you will find that sense of community whether it’s from a friendly wave by someone on the road or a neighbour helping to water or weed your garden while you’re away. I’m really proud that over 3 years we’ve scratched away at a wheat field and now have a place where retirees feel safe and welcome, where families know their kids and pets have room to roam and explore.

.Village of Milo & Farmer’s Markets

A goal of our development is commerce for the community of Milo, and only 5 miles away it is certainly close for guests to travel. We’re very pleased to hear guests feel welcome in the Milo Hotel and Saloon to enjoy football games and wings! The Milo Grocery Store has noticed a few new faces, it’s very convenient having nearly everything you may need just 5 minutes away. Last but not least is The Cottage, Milo’s new restaurant, Wayne has been serving fantastic Chinese, Western, and home-made Pizzas to happy guests of A Stones Throw RV Campground. Many have said it’s better Chinese food than what you can get in the city, maybe you will have to see for yourself! @MiloCafe

The Cluny Colony has a reputation for great goods and we are lucky to have these ladies offer their goods to A Stones Throw guests each long weekend of our first season!
We learned a lot from our first Farmer’s Market and excited to grow upon our first idea. More vendors, and more games to help guests mingle and visit.
If you have not tried it yet you now have too after reading this! Carinya Bison Company were so kind to set up a booth, lots of guest got a try burgers, jerky and more! Visit for info!
We were so excited to have more vendors than ever with a greater variety of meats, home baked goods, crafts and more!
We had so much fun putting on our pancake breakfast for guests!

Commerce is not just about the Village of Milo, but the Community of Milo as a whole. One way we hope to support local business is by offering Farmer’s Markets to our campers and they have been a real success growing in size each long weekend this 2022 season. Locals have taken up tables offering baking, sewing, meat and veggies to our guests, even the Cluny Hutterite Colony has shown up with a wide variety of home-made goodness. Next year we hope to build upon upon our Farmer’s Markets in variety and size, as with more guests comes more interest.

Farmer’s Markets are not all about business at A Stones Throw RV Campground, it is about community and creating opportunities to meet fellow guests. One way we try to bring guests together is through food. Fresh popcorn and ice cream for guests to enjoy have been a real treat, and our September Long Pancake Breakfast ended up being a lot of fun! Big thanks for all of the help from family and guests, we could not do this without ya!

Family Pets

Our stance is that when the kids and pets are well exercised with a full day of fresh air and fun they sleep better, which means mom and dad get to enjoy that evening camp fire (along with the peace and quiet) for a little longer. We wanted our campground to be as pet friendly as possible and though we are on-leash within the campground, we wanted to make sure pets had the opportunity to run and explore acres of prairie. Over 5 acres of A Stones Throw RV Campground is dedicated to to two off-leash dog parks, one for ALL dogs and one for Small Dogs Only.

A Guest of A Stones Throw RV Campground sent us this photo enjoying the sunset with the pooch 🙂
A guests photo of another incredible sunset, here you can relax and enjoy the quiet.

The off-leash dog park for small dogs only has the biggest hill found within the campground. This way the wee dogs can be on top of the mountain and feel like one of those “big” dogs, even if it is for a fleeting moment. The off-leash dog park for all dogs is 5 acres of unlimited play area where you can not see from one end to the other! Future development considerations include an agility course to challenge and test their abilities. They should have as much fun as anyone else!

Pet Valu

We became aware of Pet Valu in High River about a year ago. We were impressed with their great staff and service, having shopped at other stores in the past they truly live up to the “minds-eye” of a true pet store. Pet friendly? Check! Awesome Dog Wash Area? Check! Great variety? Check! Great Price Point? Check and Check!

When chatting with Pet Valu about our huge off leash dog parks the topic of waste bags came up. We would like to Thank Pet Value for supplying dispensers with waste bags which can be found throughout the campground and off-leash dog parks. We must say we’re really impressed with their community mindedness! Thank You again Pet Valu!

Busy Bodies

We are well on the way in keeping pets busy and active, but what about the kiddies? Keeping little minds and muscles active is important, we strive to add and improve upon children amenities each year. 2022 brought us two new play areas at A Stones Throw RV Campground. With equal distance to the North Washroom as well as the General Store/Office washrooms we thought “D Park” would be a good location for our Toddler Playground. It has been an instant hit with with the little ones with three slides and lots of room to run, and run they do after we added some little nets and soccer balls to D Park as well!
“D Park” was chosen as the location for the Youth Playground for many reasons. All playground areas are on the North half of the campground, far away from the entrance of the reservoir in the South. It is also between two buildings with washroom facilities, when ya gotta go ya gotta go!
Working with Playquest, we were able to purchase this whole playground along with rubber matting, they were great to work with! @PlayQuestRecreation
Kids with nerves of steel may prefer to hang out north of B Park where they will find a huge Log Jam! With the help from our neighbours and a talented engineer we have constructed a maze of cedar poles, some of which are over 2 feet in diameter and over 20 feet long! We love the idea of “Nature Play” and our Timberland Log Jam is the first of many things we want to create and give kids the opportunity to get off their devices and come back to earth.
Carefully engineered, all logs are saddled and bolted together making it 100% impossible to roll or move.
A BIG Thank You to our neighbours who let us get some use out of some HUGE cedar poles! Cut down to 20-22 feet we were able to transport to location.
Today we are a cold and snowy winter wonderland with drifts over 4 feet high! West of this location is the future pump track and west of that are the two off-leash dog parks 🙂
In our next Blog we can fill you in on the Frisbee Golf under way, did somebody say Prairie Pump Track? We can also chat about all of the games that are available for guests use at the General Store / Office at no cost to you, just a little way to make sure you and your family enjoyed their stay here. Take Care, Chat Soon!

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