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We are pleased to have been listed in the Top 30 Canadian RV Blogs, thanks for your interest everyone!!!

The birds are singing, grass is growing and the kids are out of school enjoying the sun and water. Seeing families enjoying the reservoir is a really neat feeling. On a family farm we’ve had a lot of time to walk through the coulee, often getting to witness neat little things that nature offers. It’s certainly something you don’t get at the mall or a store, Amazon does not ship this kind of experience.

When I was a kid on the farm our family raised sheep, we had prized wool and I was proud of that. When the sheep were out in pasture we would bring them into the barn every evening. For an active young guy it was the perfect job, get out of the house and go for a long walk and yes I did have a Shepherds crook as a walking stick. Before the sun set my job was to walk through the dips and valleys of the hills to find sheep that had bedding down.

It was not a hard job, they did most of the work walking along the sheep trails that they had started. 20 years of raising cattle have widened those trails which are now becoming our guests trails. I’ve mentioned to a few of our guests that whatever thoughts or worries that maybe on your mind, going for a walk around the coulee is like some kind of therapy. Listening to the wind in the grass, birds and tidbits of nature making sounds around you, those thoughts or worries quickly fade away. You’ll find your mind wander surrounded in the green grass and the rippling of water around you.

Security Gate

Entering the reservoir you’ll find our homemade gate along with our Rules and Respect signage. A sliding gate seemed appropriate for our heritage-inspired campground. We slide the gate closed at night to help keep the deer out of the campground, the trees and bushes are more than tempting for those guys. Last year we had quite a learning lesson watching deer eat our lovely foliage. Now that the deer fence is up we hope to keep the deer out for good!
After much shopping around we at A Stones Throw RV Campground found great value in Command Gates. They have a fantastic selection of styles, sizes and options to ensure we got exactly what we needed.


Start to finish Command Gates has really shown fantastic customer service, we are very impressed!
We’ve learned something everyday developing A Stones Throw RV Campground. Watching these guys at work was impressive, they used tools and worked equipment in ways that really opened our eyes. We didn’t know they even made such attachments or how to use them!
Speaking of “gates” we would like to give Command Gate a big shout out. They did a fantastic job installing our security gate and keypad. Like everything else that we’ve developed for A Stones Throw RV Campground we did our research and got several quotes. When comparing apples to apples Command Gate was always on top of the list. Their quality install really sealed the deal, we could not be happier customers. Thank You Command Gate!!! Please visit their website at www.commandgate.com if you’re thinking of a gate for your place.

Command Gate arrived right on time, they came prepared and very efficiently they got the job done right the first time. How often can you say that about a work crew? We are impressed!


Wherever we are on the go finding ourselves needing to “go”, we do pay attention to how clean the washroom facilities are. We think it says something about a business. We wanted to assure our guests that they did not have to fill their grey tanks with potable water showering in wee RV showers. At A Stones Throw RV Campground guests have very accessible Loonie shower stalls with tall rain shower heads.

It was not a development requirement, however we felt A Stones Throw RV Campground should be as accessible as possible to everyone. We don’t know what life has in store for us, when we might take a step back or worse. Whatever is in store for for us, we’re in it together!

We’re very proud to have received so many positive comments about our washhouse facilities already. “The nicest bathroom in any campground!”, “Always so Clean!”, “So Much Room!” are all regular comments we hear that never gets old. Our facilities are brand new and we are doing our best to keep them that way!

We have not “named” our two washhouses as of yet, currently we refer to the buildings as “North” and “South” washhouse. We take a lot of pride having built these buildings from levelling the earth to everything in-between after Remuda erected our three buildings. By “we” I mean an incredible group of Monner and Lamb family members that threw up walls, mirrors, and really made the buildings come alive, we couldn’t do it out them.

We’ve build three washroom stalls, plus two stalls for showering for the ladies, and for the guys we have two stalls and urinals for the guys along with two shower stalls. We upgraded the shower heads to “Rain Shower” heads and it was worth it! They are so nice we feel these showers are better than what we have in the farm house! They are REALLY nice!!!

Another hard worker that really deserves a shout out is Boyd Fox of Fox Works Construction. It’s not too often that we get to rub shoulders with contractors that work as hard or as long as these guys. They did a great job with our concrete floors, methodically banged up our walls and efficiently helped us get our ceilings in place. They were a great crew to work and learn from, we certainly look forward to hiring Fox Works Construction again when we need some help.

Benches found in both of our Washhouses and Laundry Room were hand-made by an incredible Calgarian. If you are looking for quality custom wood tables, benches, cutting boards, beautiful shelves and the list goes on please check out an incredible portfolio on Instagram #WoodcraftYYC.

Community Garden

Though it is late in the season we REALLY wanted to get our Community Garden started this year. I’ll admit it kind of sounds easy, make a community garden, how hard can it be? Well guess what? Maybe not so wham-bam easy as one might hope! It has been a process and we certainly have had the opportunity to emphasize the word “community” in our garden.

Dump after dump of top soil helped us create an incredible garden bed over 100’x100′ square!
We have grand plans for our community garden. For our first year it’s pretty straight forward with a row of 15×15′ plots available for guests to grow in. No cost to guests and the weeds are free!
Like everything else at A Stones Throw RV Campground we have some rather grand plans, what our community garden is today and what it can be in the future. With a plot over 1,000 feet square we envision a community garden that from the sky will look like a big tree. This big tree will consist of bushes and trees, herbs and veggies, and lots of room for guests to have their own plot.

A hydrant keeps reservoir water filled in our rain barrels, and on hot days we may run a sprinkler. We had so many garden tools in the barn we thought the least we could do is put some out in the garden for our guests to use 🙂

Education is a key value at A Stones Throw RV Campground. Our future Mini-Farm will be created to help children understand where food REALLY comes from… HINT: it’s not from the Store. The Community Garden will be much the same, a chance for the young and young at heart enjoy green life lessons and the lear to love the little miracles found within your garden.

Shopping Local Pays

Located just 35 minutes and one stop sign away from A Stones Throw RV Campground is the Town of Vulcan, Star Trek fans rejoice! It’s not all about Star Trek but it is all about fun! Whether you are golfing or swimming at the NEW pool Vulcan has lots of things for kids and families to enjoy! Check out the skateboard park or water park while your at it! @vulcanpool

I’ll admit this development has not allowed for much “playing” but from a work perspective, Vulcan his an incredible hub for commerce. We don’t buy anything without getting some quotes, and again and again Vulcan businesses have impressed us with their knowledge and price points. We’d like to give a shout out to three businesses that really stand out and have certainly have helped us along the way.

Wolfe’s Home Hardware @wolfeshh

We’re starting to loose track on how many times we’ve been surprised at Wolfe’s Home Hardwares availability of products and price points. We won’t say how many times it has been better for us to buy in Vulcan than it would be to drive into Calgary or Lethbridge to the bigger stores. They usually beat the big box store prices and they have been more than happy to order in what we require. Meters for pedestals, timers for showers, tools and equipment have all helped make A Stones Throw RV Campground a reality.

Vulcan UFA

We have received such a nice welcome from the Vulcan UFA, they are defiantly the place to go for filling your propane bottles! One way that Vulcan UFA really stands is their new system to help our guests price out decks and garden sheds. They can now punch in the specs of what you want and print out a detailed list of everything you will need and what the cost would be, very convenient and transparent!

Vulcan Furniture Villa @furniturevillavulcan

A business is obviously doing something right when you find out how long Furniture Villa has been around for! Their show room is incredible offering kitchen appliances, BBQ Smokers, Paddle Boards and more! We recently bought a new washer the dryer for the farm house, they had such a great price we ended up buying two! Now the Store/Office has a free laundry room available to guests of A Stones Throw RV Campground!

In Our Next Blog we’ll chat about our Farmer’s Markets which have been a real hit with our guests, our 2 off-leash dog parks, an awesome pet store and what we are working on in the campground next! Thanks for reading!



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