We Are Good Listeners Too!

Colin Monner

We listen to our visitors when we give a tour of A Stones Throw RV Campground. Visitors may not be guests yet… but we listen to them as though they are. What do people like and where are their pain points? Two areas of concern of future guests have been brought up enough times that we have amended them our Rules and Regulations, now updated on our website. Not that we want to come across as push-overs, but we as a family are no different than you, we too have a budget and we too like to get things done ourselves if we can.

Outside Sheds are Welcome 

When we launched A Stones Throw RV Campground at the 2020 Calgary RV Expo we didn’t know Covid would strike 2 months later, and we certainly didn’t know how dramatically it would affect supply-chains around the world. We wanted to start our campground off on the right foot hence our extensive rules and regulations, we wanted to offer aesthetic controls as “handy-man” is a fairly loose term 🙂 We wanted to offer shed packages to help maintain a clean look through-out the campground. 
With rising prices of lumber and everything else, we at A Stones Throw RV Campground acknowledge that prices today for a garden shed have become near uneconomical. Due to these rising costs we have changed our stance on not allowing outside sheds into the campground. Guests are welcome to submit a photo of their desired shed to be approved by management.
A shed is not just a shed, to some a shed can be a castle. OK, maybe “castle” is a bit of a stretch but it can be a little piece of “your space”. Several guests have mentioned their dream of having a She-Shed or a Man-Cave, Office Space (less fun) or a room out of the rain for entertaining (more fun). Of course a shed can also be used for storage of your paddle boards and kayaks. Whatever the use we understand the need and we hope this change in the rules helps some people check an item off of their bucket list (I’m thinking of the She-Shed more than the office space but whatever floats your boat :).
Firewood Inspection
A Stones Throw RV Campground is the beginning of a Tree Museum, each of the 9 green parks have different trees and bushes, over 50 pieces are to be planted by our first year with many more plans in store. It is a major investment and it does take time but we belie it will be worth it. We want to offer our guests and Southern Alberta what is possible, a rich and diversely green environment.
With more species comes more potential threats being insects, molds and tree diseases such as Dutch Elm, Fire Blight, Oak Wilt, Bronze Leaf, and many more that are a threat to our investment and goals. On the other hand we acknowledge the fact we are a campground, and campgrounds burn wood. How do we burn wood safely?
We are sourcing bulk semi-loads of firewood and we do not intend on increasing prices to make a profit. We want to offer firewood as economically as we can offer it. Despite this effort there is also the reality that people may have their own sources of firewood. How do we allow outside firewood in while protecting our trees?
The reason our sourced firewood is considered disease free is due to the kiln process where wood has warm circulated air around it for up to 5 weeks to dry it out. We will allow outside firewood into the campground pending an inspection of the wood at the Store/Office. If we find any indication of insects, molds, or any kind of disease it will be asked to be removed from the campground.
We hope this serves as an example that we are open to listening to our guests and willing to work together to create a wonderful experience for generations to come at A Stones Throw RV Campground.

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